The Missing Secrets of ElectroMagnetism & Fractality – Ferrocell, CRT and Ferroliquid Revelations of Fractal Toroidal Electromagnetic Energy Dynamics – or in other words: Why we dont need anything else than (Di-)Electric power potential and Magnetism (vibrating fundamental electromagnetic field – cymatics) to explain the Universe

What is Magnetism - Some Thoughts


Scientifically unobserved and for certain unexplained – Never have I come across any literature taking note of the above presented observations of permanent magnetic field interactions

Check Kelvin Abrahams channel for tons of amazing content! He bases his theory on a fundamental zero-point fields forming spacial voluminous electromagnetic matter. It’s perfectly compliant to the view, that everything in Nature is fundamentally governed by Electrics and Mangetics, which are a conjugate and therefore the one and only thing that is the building block for everything else. #TheoryOfEverything

#NeverStopAskingQuestions The government is hiding the good stuff…. A recently released US army patent shows, they are very well aware of the fundamentals of nature being electric and magnetic fields and that by playing with it, you can access currently unavailable incredible energies and gravity control. Read it, after you read the blog and you will realize it yourself.

Stephen Hawkins searched…

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