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A famed platonic Renaissance thinker, Marsilio Ficino, thought that everything, whether body or soul, continuously receives the power to ‘operate’, little by little, but never possesses it entirely.

particular, the soul, at
all times, ‘generates
herself’, that is, she
continuously draws new strengths
from herself, she
endlessly unfolds
intrinsically different forms, and she
unceasingly varies
(or adapts) her
goals, her desires
and her laws.

Our time is almost
incapable of understanding and integrating these kinds of ideas,
which were, by contrast, commonly accepted by the fine flower of
philosophical intelligence of the early Renaissance.

It is a lesson in

relativism is precisely what is at stake, here: the
soul possesses an
intrinsic, permanent, continuous, capacity
of metamorphosis, of auto-transformation, –
a permanent impermanence.

soul has
a metamorphic
essence, and is made
constant transformation, unceasing

our modernity
does not really
consider (and
even less…

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