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Selon le système actuel…

lundi 29 octobre 2018

Selon le système actuel…

Selon le système actuel la personne forme un tout.
Ce tout, qui pour le système est une personne, doit correspondre à quelque chose de précis.
Cette précision est atteinte lorsque le système le décide, et pas avant.
Donc, la personne doit se conformer à des exigences pour ensuite devenir une personne…
Mais là, misère, puisque pour que le système reconnaisse que la personne est une personne, il faut que la personne se conforme aux exigence que le système le contraint parce que la personne est déjà une personne pour le système…

Donc, selon le système actuelle, une personne qui est tout est en fait rien du tout.

Ça fait du sens, ça? Pas à moi. Donc, je ne suis pas une personne, et le système actuel est rien pour moi, puisque pour penser comme ce système-là, il faut être rien du tout, c’est à dire: une personne !

Bande d’imbéciles, des Français de papier ont réduit des Yézidies en esclavage, demain ce sera vos filles — Espace détente, poésie, judaïsme et lutte contre la désinformation

___________________________________________________ Ils découvrent l’eau chaude. Et ils défendent le port du voile, Macron en tête ! Des femmes voilées, pour mieux imposer à toutes les Françaises non voilées le statut des Yézidies, violées, vendues comme esclaves ? La FIDH démontre l’implication de djihadistes français dans les crimes contre les Yézidies en Irak NFORMATION FRANCE INTER […]

via Bande d’imbéciles, des Français de papier ont réduit des Yézidies en esclavage, demain ce sera vos filles — Espace détente, poésie, judaïsme et lutte contre la désinformation


C’est tout pour ce billet-ci…. hé non, SURPRISE! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

QBOOM. ISRAEL is IS RA REAL? (Egyptians were the first to work with the rest of the people of the universe to help to burst our universe’ blackoholic membrane…)


QBOOM. ISRAEL is IS RA REAL? (Egyptians were the first to work with the rest of the people of the universe to help to burst our universe’ blackoholic membrane…)

(sorry I am just very tired right now, of course credibility wise I could have done better, of course I may be crazy, but have you seen yet a crazy man that is lucid enough to write ideas like these as a simple comment in a blog whose owner is rambo??)

You want a scoop, my friend?

Is not autistic whoever wants. It is not enough to identify oneself as autistic to have the legitimacy to be so.

Not a Jew who wants to be. It is not enough to identify oneself as a Jew to have the legitimacy to be one.

It is not enough to have university degrees to understand your knowledge; you also need to be autistic.

People with autism do not need academic knowledge to understand things that are beyond comprehension.

The torah can only be understood in depth by Jews and autistic people. Autistic people are a kind of spiritual reincarnation of the Jewish essence of yesteryear.

The first scientists of the modern era were probably all autistic. Especially those of Ashkenazi descent!

Ask the Nazi AND ask the Nazi????

Translated with
The words used make it susceptible to divergent signals, such as an old-fashioned television set that showed snow on the screen.

In Hebrew language, vowels are not pronounced. So reading in Hebrew is like reading a series of symbols, or a phone book for example (Kim Peek the avatar in real mode of the famous Rain Man)…

Scientists do not know how to explain autism, but they are trying to find « solutions ».

Jesus Christ was autistic/Jewish, but he went about teaching neurotypes very badly.
In the same way that when you put new energy into a system, when someone arrives with new ideas and new beliefs, most of the energy is wasted in reaction to the material substrate. The substrate here are the neurotypics, and the autistic are the energy.

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I prefer to say « autistic » rather than « Jewish » because the term « Jewish » has been overused over time. The term « autistic » still has potential for some time to isolate autistic cellular identity (like a membrane in a cell) from the outside of the sprititual body: neurotypics.

The autistic event is a spiritual mutation of humanity. But since the holographic plane of the membrane of our black hole must diffuse the energy received from the outside in a uniform way to maintain its own integrity, so does the spiritual body of humanity.

Scientists cannot explain a black hole, nor what singularity is in fact.

Mathematically it is very feasible, the problem is that science, by its prestige and a promise of easy and rewarding life, has been invested by many neurotypical people who cannot or will not develop their own spiritual depth. So the Ashkenazi Jews left this boat because it was starting to take too much water.

From inside the black hole, there is nothing you can do to escape it. The good news is that we have eternity to find the solution. The bad news is that neurotypics are not able to capture the energy of the « source » (what the black hole eats as « matter » because of « gravity ») in order to transform it into something that can bridge the gap between the previous and the next « evolution ». So that we will remain in an eternal cycle rotating and rotating again and again around the middle of our galaxy until the end of time when other Jews/autists elsewhere in our black hole will have been able to reach the final wall of the black hole and make it « burst » like a soap bubble!

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But since the main motivation of the majority of a given people is only to maintain the balance of their static situation, those who are different will always be considered suspicious since they have the potential to impose new paradigms in ways that are as unforeseen as they are unpredictable. This is true for us, it is true for all other kinds of aliens. And this is true for animals, plants and everything that can interact with anything else in our black hole. The only reason we feel like we are alive and able to make decisions is that the black hole we are in is walking around and eating information elsewhere in other black holes. Black holes are the only possible way to store energy without any loss. That is, there is a one-to-one correspondence between energy and new/published information.

Satanists etc., what they do is transform children’s energy (because the majority of children receive more energy from outside the black hole since their potential for informational diversification is guaranteed by their genetic condition) into something more easily exploitable by the « elite » who pass on from generation to generation all that I have just told you.

Because to be and remain an autistic person, you must primarily rely on yourself first on the spiritual level. The current world elite does not have the potential to transform the excess perceived energy into something that can be used to generate new and unpublished information.

What is good here is because a black hole is nothing more than a crystal of divine energy, it works like a kind of infinitely sophisticated clock. So it is not by finding the « right » answer that we will get out of the black hole, it is by finding ALL the answers to ALL. It means that there is already a « thing » outside OUR black hole that already knows everything that has happened here, what is happening now, and what will happen. This « thing » is itself autistic. And it is by generating all the possble answers that our universe contains that it will be able to observe us. That way, we’ll move from one quantum state to another. And then we can explore a new universe just as fascinating as the one in which we are wading!

That’s nice, isn’t it?